Saturday, 2 February 2013


I'm thrilled to my marrow to announce that a new story of mine, 'Agda', has just been published in New Dead Familes #7. The strength of the other writing in this issue is phenomenal (a personal fave is 'The Value of Sea Urchin Heart Ice Cream') and my humble thanks go to multi-talented curator Zack Wentz for including me.

Anyone who reads 'Agda' might like to know that it is in no way autobiographical - my wife is wonderful and thankfully not given to acts of extreme sexual violence - but it is, in its own quiet way, one of the most personal things I have written. Any comments on it will be deeply appreciated.

I've also started work on a small game designed to teach me the rudiments of coding and pixel art so that I can see things from others' points of view more easily when collaborating. Anyway, I'm really enjoying the experience and hopefully I'll have something playable at the end of it. Here are a few little animations from the work so far:

A G-man

 A go-go dancer

 A Martian

  A crime scene

 A femme fatale

The progress of the game can be followed here.


  1. The smoking lady and the first spy are my favorite.

    Congratulations on the story publishing.

    1. Thank you Michael! I was quite pleased with the first one myself. They were more fun to make than I'd expected - it's nice to find a new hobby!