'Agda' Published in New Dead Families #7.

'Zombie Vs. Ninja' Published in Smokelong Quarterly.

'Restless Apple Jackson' A podcast of a reading for 'Words With Jam'.

'While You Sleep' Published in Issue 41 of the Cafe Irreal.

'In the Shipwreck' Published in Issue 32 of the Cafe Irreal.

'The Kn!ghts of Slipway Seven' Published in Issue 30 of the Cafe Irreal.

'The Tower of Clavius Boon' My ongoing labour of nostalgic love - a spoof fantasy gamebook.

'Saturday Superbus' Published in Words With Jam, August 2012.

'Triclops' A collection of short stories in collaboration with Sue Howe and Avery Mathers.

'Pop Fiction' An anthology of short stories based on songs, including two of mine.

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