Spirits of Xanadu - A first person exploration game in collaboration with allen. Now available on Steam.

The Veiled World - My entry for Ludum Dare 30. A retro splatterfest.

Thatched Cottages -  A surreal interactive story thing.

Memoriam - A text-heavy 'parlour game' about a bohemian Victorian girl.

The King of the Wood - Book extracts and story input for a game by allen.

Your First Giant - A winner in inklewriter's Future Voices competition, available on the app of the same name. Playable on PC here.

Gone in 10 Seconds - My entry for Ludum Dare 27. Many thanks to Nicolas Cage for all his spiritual guidance on this one.

Broken Wizard - Story and incidental text for a game by allen.

In development

The Winter Child - A solo project with music by Benjamin Belinska.

Tolroko - Backstory and dialogue for a game by Richard Svensson.

Fistful of Gun - Dialogue and story for a game by Paul Greasely. Now being published by Devolver Digital.

After the Comet - My long-term solo project and uphill learning experience.

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